Release 0.86

General Changes

  • Add support for inequality INNER JOIN when each term of the condition refers to only one side of the join.

  • Add ntile() function.

  • Add map() function to create a map from arrays of keys and values.

  • Add min_by() aggregation function.

  • Add support for concatenating arrays with the || operator.

  • Add support for = and != to JSON type.

  • Improve error message when DISTINCT is applied to types that are not comparable.

  • Perform type validation for IN expression where the right-hand side is a subquery expression.

  • Improve error message when ORDER BY ... LIMIT query exceeds its maximum memory allocation.

  • Improve error message when types that are not orderable are used in an ORDER BY clause.

  • Improve error message when the types of the columns for subqueries of a UNION query don’t match.

  • Fix a regression where queries could be expired too soon on a highly loaded cluster.

  • Fix scheduling issue for queries involving tables from information_schema, which could result in inconsistent metadata.

  • Fix an issue with min_by() and max_by() that could result in an error when used with a variable-length type (e.g., VARCHAR) in a GROUP BY query.

  • Fix rendering of array attributes in JMX connector.

  • Input rows/bytes are now tracked properly for JOIN queries.

  • Fix case-sensitivity issue when resolving names of constant table expressions.

  • Fix unnesting arrays and maps that contain the ROW type.