Release 0.231


There is a bug in this release that will cause queries with the predicate IS NULL on bucketed columns to produce incorrect results.

General Changes

  • Fix failures caused by invalid plans for queries with repeated lambda expressions in the order by clause.

  • Fix accounting of raw input bytes in ScanFilterAndProjectOperator.

  • Fix an issue where server fails to start when two function namespace managers of the same type are specified.

  • Fix SQL function compilation error when input parameters contain lambda.

  • Fix IS DISTINCT FROM for long decimals.

  • Improve error handling for geometry deserialization edge cases.

  • Improve performance of array_join().

  • Improve efficiency of ST_Buffer(). The new implementation produces fewer buffer points on rounded corners, which will produce very similar but different results. It also better handles buffering with small (<1e-9) distances.

  • Improve OOM killer log output to put memory heavy nodes and queries first.

  • Improve efficiency by using JTS instead of Esri for many geometrical operations and fix incorrect calculation of extreme points in certain cases (#14031).

  • Add forms of approx_percentile() accepting an accuracy parameter.

  • Add a new session property aggregation_partitioning_merging_strategy to configure partition merging strategy when adding exchange around aggregation node (#11262).

  • Add IGNORE NULLS clause to various Window Functions.

Hive Changes

  • Fix schema mismatch with Parquet INT64 & Timestamp.

  • Improve string column stats by including the sum of all strings’ lengths when the individual min/max of the string is too long in ORC writer.

  • Allow reading data from HDFS while caching the fetched data on local storage. Turn on the feature by specifying the cache directory config cache.base-directory.

  • Add support for parallel partition fetching for the Glue metastore.

  • Add support for the AWS Default Credentials Provider for S3.

Raptor Changes

  • Add the ability to read and write with delta deletes.

Verifier Changes

  • Fix an issue where checksum query text and ID are not recorded if the checksum query fails.

  • Improve verifier to skip verification when checksum query fails to compile.

  • Add checks for the cardinalities sum when validating an array column.

  • Add new columns control_session_properties and test_session_properties to verifier_queries, and remove column session_properties_json. The value of the removed column can be copied to the two new columns for the schema change.

  • Add details of determinism analysis runs to the output.

  • Add configuration property max-determinism-analysis-runs to control maximum number of determinism analysis runs in case of column mismatch.

  • Add configuration property run-teardown-for-determinism-analysis to allow disabling teardown for determinism analysis runs.

SPI Changes

  • Add API to check if the query is unexpectedly modified using the credentials passed in the identity.