Release 0.56

Table Creation

Tables can be created from the result of a query:

CREATE TABLE orders_by_date AS
SELECT orderdate, sum(totalprice) AS price
FROM orders
GROUP BY orderdate

Tables are created in Hive without partitions (unpartitioned) and use RCFile with the Binary SerDe (LazyBinaryColumnarSerDe) as this is currently the best format for Presto.


This is a backwards incompatible change to ConnectorMetadata in the SPI, so if you have written a connector, you will need to update your code before deploying this release. We recommend changing your connector to extend from the new ReadOnlyConnectorMetadata abstract base class unless you want to support table creation.

Cross Joins

Cross joins are supported using the standard ANSI SQL syntax:


Inner joins that result in a cross join due to the join criteria evaluating to true at analysis time are also supported.