Presto 0.245.1 Documentation

13.48. Release 0.214

13.48. Release 0.214

General Changes

  • Fix history leak in coordinator for failed or canceled queries.
  • Fix memory leak related to query tracking in coordinator that was introduced in Release 0.213.
  • Fix planning failures when lambdas are used in join filter expression.
  • Fix responses to client for certain types of errors that are encountered during query creation.
  • Improve error message when an invalid comparator is provided to the array_sort() function.
  • Improve performance of lookup operations on map data types.
  • Improve planning and query performance for queries with TINYINT, SMALLINT and VARBINARY literals.
  • Fix issue where queries containing distributed ORDER BY and aggregation could sometimes fail to make progress when data was spilled.
  • Make top N row number optimization work in some cases when columns are pruned.
  • Add session property optimize-top-n-row-number and configuration property optimizer.optimize-top-n-row-number to toggle the top N row number optimization.
  • Add ngrams() function to generate N-grams from an array.
  • Add qdigest type and associated Quantile Digest Functions.
  • Add functionality to delay query execution until a minimum number of workers nodes are available. The minimum number of workers can be set with the query-manager.required-workers configuration property, and the max wait time with the query-manager.required-workers-max-wait configuration property.
  • Remove experimental pre-allocated memory system, and the related configuration property experimental.preallocate-memory-threshold.

Security Changes

  • Add functionality to refresh the configuration of file-based access controllers. The refresh interval can be set using the security.refresh-period configuration property.

JDBC Driver Changes

  • Clear update count after calling Statement.getMoreResults().

Web UI Changes

  • Show query warnings on the query detail page.
  • Allow selecting non-default sort orders in query list view.

Hive Connector Changes

  • Prevent ORC writer from writing stripes larger than the maximum configured size.
  • Add hive.s3.upload-acl-type configuration property to specify the type of ACL to use while uploading files to S3.
  • Add Hive metastore API recording tool for remote debugging purposes.
  • Add support for retrying on metastore connection errors.

Verifier Changes

  • Handle SQL execution timeouts while rewriting queries.