Release 0.248


There is a bug causing SORT or``LIMIT`` to be incorrectly eliminated when using GROUPING SETS (())`, ``CUBE or ROLLUP, first introduced in 0.246 by #14915



General Changes

  • Improve query performance by reducing lock contention in output buffer memory tracking.

  • Add support for overriding session properties using session property managers Session Property Managers. Setting overrideSessionProperties to true will cause the property to be overridden and remain overridden even if subsequent rules match the property but don’t have overrideSessionProperties set.

  • Add support to drop multiple UDFs at the same time.

  • Add a REST endpoint /v1/taskInfo/{{taskId}} on the coordinator to get TaskInfo without needing to go directly to the worker’s endpoint.

  • Add new aggregation function map_union_sum().

  • Add support to configure ZSTD compression level for ORC writer.

  • Add warning for JOIN conditions with OR expressions.

  • Add configuration property to set the Java Truststore password used for https in internal communications between nodes.

Hive Connector Changes

  • Add session property temporary_table_create_empty_bucket_files and configuration property hive.create-empty-bucket-files-for-temporary-table, which, when set to false, disables the creation of zero-row files for temporary table empty buckets, to improve performance.

Verifier Changes

  • Add output table names to Presto Verifier outputs.


Ajay George, Andrii Rosa, Ariel Weisberg, Arunachalam Thirupathi, Bin Fan, Chi Tsai, David Stryker, James Petty, James Sun, Ke Wang, Leiqing Cai, Luca, Lung-Yen Chen, Nikhil Collooru, Rebecca Schlussel, Rongrong Zhong, Shixuan Fan, Sreeni Viswanadha, Stephen Dimmick, Tim Meehan, Venki Korukanti, Vic Zhang, Wenlei Xie, Yang Yang