Presto 0.242 Documentation

13.91. Release 0.161

13.91. Release 0.161

General Changes

  • Fix correctness issue for queries involving multiple nested EXCEPT clauses. A query such as a EXCEPT (b EXCEPT c) was incorrectly evaluated as a EXCEPT b EXCEPT c and thus could return the wrong result.
  • Fix failure when executing prepared statements that contain parameters in the join criteria.
  • Fix failure when describing the output of prepared statements that contain aggregations.
  • Fix planning failure when a lambda is used in the context of an aggregation or subquery.
  • Fix column resolution rules for ORDER BY to match the behavior expected by the SQL standard. This is a change in semantics that breaks backwards compatibility. To ease migration of existing queries, the legacy behavior can be restored by the deprecated.legacy-order-by config option or the legacy_order_by session property.
  • Improve error message when coordinator responds with 403 FORBIDDEN.
  • Improve performance for queries containing expressions in the join criteria that reference columns on one side of the join.
  • Improve performance of map_concat() when one argument is empty.
  • Remove /v1/execute resource.
  • Add new column to SHOW COLUMNS (and DESCRIBE) to show extra information from connectors.
  • Add map() to construct an empty MAP.

Hive Connector

  • Remove "Partition Key: " prefix from column comments and replace it with the new extra information field described above.

JMX Connector

  • Add support for escaped commas in jmx.dump-tables config property.