Release 0.284


General Changes

  • Fix correctness bug in the optimizer when randomize_outer_join_null_key is enabled.

  • Fix bug in array CONTAINS expression rewrite rule.

  • Fix bugs parsing lambda expressions. The bugs may cause compile exception with message “Can not compile special form: WHEN” and lead to runtime exception of array out of bound access.

  • Fix min() and max() to verify second argument is unique.

  • Fix access control checks for IS NULL and IS NOT NULL.

  • Improve cache efficiency of history-based optimizer.

  • Improve cost-based optimizer to work with complex equi-join predicates.

  • Improve performance of outer join when nulls are present. It can be enabled by setting randomize_outer_join_null_key_strategy to be cost_based. The trigger condition can be set by session properties randomize_outer_join_null_key_null_count_threshold and randomize_outer_join_null_key_null_ratio_threshold.

  • Add field names when casting row to JSON.

  • Add array_top_n() to return an array of top N elements of a given array.

  • Add bitwise_xor_agg() function.




  • Add session property restrict_history_based_optimization_to_complex_query. When set to TRUE, only queries with join or aggregation will try to use HBO. The default value is TRUE.

  • Add session property pull_expression_from_lambda_enabled to optimize lambda functions which have expressions not referring to arguments of the lambda function. The default state is enabled using the value TRUE.

  • Add rewrite_constant_array_contains_to_in_expression session property to improve the performance of CONTAINS expressions. The default state is enabled using the value TRUE.

  • Add function trail().

  • Add session property optimizers_to_enable_verbose_runtime_stats to enable runtime tracking for a set of optimizers.

  • Add support for EXPLAIN (TYPE VALIDATE) of EXPLAIN queries. Previously such queries would fail with an error.

  • Improve performance of cluster statistics reporting in the Presto coordinator by adding the configuration property cluster-stats-cache-expiration-duration. The property is 0 (disabled) by default.

  • Add support for serializing nested data structures via server-side configuration properties using the configuration property nested-data-serialization-enabled. The property is enabled by default with the value TRUE.

  • Add a Redis-based historical statistics provider. For more information, see Redis HBO Provider.

  • Add principal name support in the resource group selection criteria.

  • Add noisy_count_if_gaussian(condition, noiseScale[, randomSeed]) aggregation which calculates the number of TRUE input values, and then adds random Gaussian noise with 0 mean and standard deviation of noise_scale to the true count. Optional randomSeed is used to get a fixed value of noise, often for reproducibility purposes. If randomSeed is omitted, SecureRandom is used. If randomSeed is provided, Random is used.

Hive Connector Changes

  • Fix directory listing over directories with content-type application/octet-stream (#20310).

  • Add DWRF filetype to min, max filtering for special column types such as tinyint, varbinary and timestamp.

Iceberg Connector Changes

  • Add Iceberg table location property in SHOW CREATE TABLE.

  • Add validation for copy-on-write mode for Iceberg tables. This can be disabled with the merge_on_read_enabled session property or the iceberg.enable-merge-on-read-mode configuration property.

  • Add support for TRUNCATE TABLE <table>.

  • Remove support for specifying NOT NULL constraint when adding a new column in ALTER TABLE statement.

  • Upgrade Iceberg from 1.3.0 to 1.3.1.

PostgreSQL Connector Changes

  • Upgrade JDBC driver version to 42.6.0.

Presto Verifier Changes

  • Add support for Presto Verifier to run in query-bank mode and save query results as a snapshot. (See Presto Verifier.)


8dukongjian, Ajay George, Ajay Gupte, Alex Perez, Amit Dutta, Amit Patil, Anant Aneja, Ann Rose Benny, Arjun Gupta, Arun D Panicker, Ashwin Krishna Kumar, Avinash Jain, Beinan, Chengcheng Jin, Christian Zentgraf, Chunxu Tang, Darren Fu, Deepak Majeti, Dongsheng Wang, Eduard Tudenhoefner, Efrat Levitan, Facebook Community Bot, Gary Ho, Ge Gao, Haritha K, Ivan Millan, Jalpreet Singh Nanda (:imjalpreet), James Petty, James Xu, Jialiang Tan, JiamingMai, Jimmy Lu, Jobbine, Jon Janzen, Karteekmurthys, Ke, Kevin Wilfong, Kien Nguyen, Krishna-Prasad-P-V, Lyublena Antova, Mahadevuni Naveen Kumar, Masha Basmanova, Melissa Guo, Michael Shang, Nikhil Collooru, Patrick Stuedi, Pedro Pedreira, Pramod, Pranjal Shankhdhar, Pratik Joseph Dabre, Pratyush Verma, Rebecca Schlussel, Reetika Agrawal, Rohan Pednekar, Rohit Jain, Sagar Sumit, SeanIFitch, Sergey Pershin, Sergii Druzkin, Setyven Lnu, Shrinidhi Joshi, Shubham Chaurasia, Sreeni Viswanadha, Steve Burnett, Sudheesh, Swapnil Tailor, Timothy Meehan, Vivek, Yihong Wang, Ying, Zac, Zac Blanco, abhiseksaikia, adamzwakk, aditi-pandit, dnskr, feilong-liu, gopukrishnasIBM, guhanjie, jaystarshot, kedia,Akanksha, kiersten-stokes, lingbin, mayunlei, oyeliseiev, pratyakshsharma, prithvip, rrando901, s-akhtar-baig, v-jizhang, wangd, xiaoxmeng, xpengahana