Release 0.239


There is a reliability issue in ZSTD compression that causes frequent excessive GC events in this release. classification_precision function returns wrong results, fixed in 0.239.2 release.


There is a bug in LambdaDefinitionExpression canonicalization introduced since 0.238. For more details, go to #15424.


  • Add support for DEFINER and INVOKER view security models.

  • Add support for caching Glue metastore in Hive connector.

  • Add Pinot SQL endpoint support.


General Changes

  • Fix incorrect results from classification_miss_rate(), classification_fall_out() (#14740).

  • Fix error in /v1/thread end point.

  • Fix an issue where the property ignore_stats_calculator_failures would not be honored for certain queries.

  • Fix missing query completion events for queries which fail prior to executing.

  • Fix potential performance regression when setting use_legacy_scheduler is set to false.

  • Optimize queries with repeated expressions in filters or projections by computing the common expressions only once. This can be disabled by the session property optimize_common_sub_expressions.

  • Optimize queries containing only min() and max() on columns that can be evaluated using metadata (e.g., Hive partitions). This is controlled by configuration property optimizer.optimize-metadata-queries and session property optimize_metadata_queries. Note: Enabling this optimization might change query result if there are metadata that refers to empty data, see #14845 for examples.

  • Add aggregation function set_union().

  • Add local disk spilling support for queries with ORDER BY or DISTINCT.

  • Add new unified grouped execution configuration property grouped-execution-enabled and session property grouped_execution with default set to true. The property grouped-execution-for-join-enabled will be removed in a future release (#14886).

  • Remove experimental feature to perform grouped execution for eligible table scans and its associated configuration property experimental.grouped-execution-for-eligible-table-scans and session property grouped_execution_for_eligible_table_scans.

  • Enable dynamic-schedule-for-grouped-execution by default. This property will be removed in a future release.

  • Enable grouped-execution-for-aggregation-enabled by default. This property will be removed in a future release.

  • Enable async page transport with non-blocking IO for exchange by default. This can be disabled by setting the configuration property exchange.async-page-transport-enabled to false.

Security Changes

  • Add support for DEFINER and INVOKER view security modes. While querying a view the former uses the permissions of the view owner and the latter uses the query runner’s permissions. See CREATE VIEW.

JDBC Changes

  • Implemented DatabaseMetaData#getClientInfoProperties API.

Web UI Changes

  • Fix worker thread snapshot UI to correctly display the stack trace.

Hive Changes

  • Add support for caching the Glue metastore.

  • Add support for warning on unfiltered partition keys. This can be enabled using the configuration property partition-keys-to-warn-on-no-filtering.

Elasticsearch Changes

  • Add connector configuration elasticsearch.max-http-connections to control maximum number of persistent connections to Elasticsearch.

  • Add connector configuration elasticsearch.http-thread-count to control the number of threads handling HTTP connections to Elasticsearch.

  • Add support for numeric keyword.

  • Add support for composite publish_address (#14811).

Pinot Changes

  • Add Pinot SQL endpoint support.

  • Add support to pushdown DistinctLimitNode to Pinot Query in SQL mode.

SPI Changes

  • Move DistinctLimitNode to presto-spi module for connectors to push down.