Release 0.137

General Changes

  • Fix current_date to return correct results for all time zones.

  • Fix invalid plans when scalar subqueries use GROUP BY, DISTINCT or JOIN.

  • Do not allow creating views with a column type of UNKNOWN.

  • Improve expression optimizer to remove some redundant operations.

  • Add bit_count(), bitwise_not(), bitwise_and(), bitwise_or(), and bitwise_xor() functions.

  • Add approx_distinct() aggregation support for VARBINARY input.

  • Add create time to query detail page in UI.

  • Add support for VARCHAR(length) type.

  • Track per-stage peak memory usage.

  • Allow using double input for approx_percentile() with an array of percentiles.

  • Add API to JDBC driver to track query progress.

Hive Changes

  • Do not allow inserting into tables when the Hive type does not match the Presto type. Previously, Presto would insert data that did not match the table or partition type and that data could not be read by Hive. For example, Presto would write files containing BIGINT data for a Hive column type of INT.

  • Add validation to CREATE TABLE and CREATE TABLE AS to check that partition keys are the last columns in the table and in the same order as the table properties.

  • Remove retention_days table property. This property is not used by Hive.

  • Fix Parquet decoding of MAP containing a null value.

  • Add support for accessing ORC columns by name. By default, columns in ORC files are accessed by their ordinal position in the Hive table definition. To access columns based on the names recorded in the ORC file, set hive.orc.use-column-names=true in your Hive catalog properties file.