Presto 0.242 Documentation

13.70. Release 0.182

13.70. Release 0.182

General Changes

  • Fix correctness issue that causes corr() to return positive numbers for inverse correlations.
  • Fix the EXPLAIN query plan for tables that are partitioned on TIMESTAMP or DATE columns.
  • Fix query failure when when using certain window functions that take arrays or maps as arguments (e.g., approx_percentile()).
  • Implement subtraction for all TIME and TIMESTAMP types.
  • Improve planning performance for queries that join multiple tables with a large number columns.
  • Improve the performance of joins with only non-equality conditions by using a nested loops join instead of a hash join.
  • Improve the performance of casting from JSON to ARRAY or MAP types.
  • Add a new IPADDRESS type to represent IP addresses.
  • Add to_milliseconds() function to convert intervals (day to second) to milliseconds.
  • Add support for column aliases in CREATE TABLE AS statements.
  • Add a config option to reject queries during cluster initialization. Queries are rejected if the active worker count is less than the query-manager.initialization-required-workers property while the coordinator has been running for less than query-manager.initialization-timeout.
  • Add TPCDS Connector. This connector provides a set of schemas to support the TPC Benchmark™ DS (TPC-DS).

CLI Changes

  • Fix an issue that would sometimes prevent queries from being cancelled when exiting from the pager.

Hive Changes

  • Fix reading decimal values in the optimized Parquet reader when they are backed by the int32 or int64 types.
  • Add a new experimental ORC writer implementation optimized for Presto. We have some upcoming improvements, so we recommend waiting a few releases before using this in production. The new writer can be enabled with the hive.orc.optimized-writer.enabled configuration property or with the orc_optimized_writer_enabled session property.