Release 0.222


This release contains a regression which may cause Presto to incorrectly remove certain CAST operations.

General Changes

  • Fix incorrect results when dividing certain decimal numbers (#12930).

  • Fix planning failure for certain join queries caused by invalid distribution type (#12354).

  • Add support for automatically retrying failed buckets when using grouped execution. Currently this is supported for certain INSERT queries using the Hive connector. This can be enabled with the recoverable_grouped_execution session property or the recoverable-grouped-execution-enabled configuration property (#12124).

  • Add support for grouped execution for queries with no joins or aggregations. This can be enabled with the grouped_execution_for_eligible_table_scans session property or the experimental.grouped-execution-for-eligible-table-scans-enabled configuration property (#12934).

  • Add configuration property max-concurrent-materializations and session property max_concurrent_materializations to limit the number of plan sections that will run concurrently when using materialized exchanges.

  • Add support for computing approx_distinct() over BingTile values.

  • Add merge_hll() to merge an array of HyperLogLogs.

  • Add bitwise shift operations, bitwise_arithmetic_shift_right(), bitwise_logical_shift_right() and bitwise_shift_left().

Web UI Changes

  • Add completed and total lifespans to the Presto Coordinator UI.

Hive Connector Changes

  • Fix failures for information_schema queries when a table has an invalid storage format.

  • Improve query execution time over bucketed table with large buckets.

  • Add config property hive.metastore.glue.catalogid to configure the Glue catalog ID.

SPI Changes

  • Add experimental interface ConnectorPlanOptimizer to allow connectors to participate in query plan optimization (e.g., filter pushdown) (#13102).

  • Rename LogicalRowExpressions::TRUE and LogicalRowExpressions::FALSE to LogicalRowExpressions::TRUE_CONSTANT and LogicalRowExpressions::FALSE_CONSTANT respectively to avoid collision with java.lang.Boolean.