Release 0.193

General Changes

  • Fix an infinite loop during planning for queries containing non-trivial predicates.

  • Fix row_number() optimization that causes query failure or incorrect results for queries that constrain the result of row_number() to be less than one.

  • Fix failure during query planning when lambda expressions are used in UNNEST or VALUES clauses.

  • Fix Tried to free more revocable memory than is reserved error for queries that have spilling enabled and run in the reserved memory pool.

  • Improve the performance of the ST_Contains() function.

  • Add map_zip_with() lambda function.

  • Add normal_cdf() function.

  • Add SET_DIGEST type and related functions.

  • Add query stat that tracks peak total memory.

  • Improve performance of queries that filter all data from a table up-front (e.g., due to partition pruning).

  • Turn on new local scheduling algorithm by default (see Release 0.181).

  • Remove the information_schema.__internal_partitions__ table.

Security Changes

  • Apply the authentication methods in the order they are listed in the http-server.authentication.type configuration.

CLI Changes

  • Fix rendering of maps of Bing tiles.

  • Abort the query when the result pager exits.

JDBC Driver Changes

  • Use SSL by default for port 443.

Hive Changes

  • Allow dropping any column in a table. Previously, dropping columns other than the last one would fail with ConcurrentModificationException.

  • Correctly write files for text format tables that use non-default delimiters. Previously, they were written with the default delimiter.

  • Fix reading data from S3 if the data is in a region other than us-east-1. Previously, such queries would fail with "The authorization header is malformed; the region 'us-east-1' is wrong; expecting '<region_name>'", where <region_name> is the S3 region hosting the bucket that is queried.

  • Enable SHOW PARTITIONS FROM <table> WHERE <condition> to work for tables that have more than hive.max-partitions-per-scan partitions as long as the specified <condition> reduces the number of partitions to below this limit.

Blackhole Changes

  • Do not allow creating tables in a nonexistent schema.

  • Add support for CREATE SCHEMA.

Memory Connector Changes

  • Allow renaming tables across schemas. Previously, the target schema was ignored.

  • Do not allow creating tables in a nonexistent schema.

MongoDB Changes

  • Add INSERT support. It was previously removed in 0.155.