Release 0.142

General Changes

  • Fix planning bug for JOIN criteria that optimizes to a FALSE expression.

  • Fix planning bug when the output of UNION doesn’t match the table column order in INSERT queries.

  • Fix error when ORDER BY clause in window specification refers to the same column multiple times.

  • Add support for complex grouping operations - CUBE, ROLLUP and GROUPING SETS.

  • Add support for IF NOT EXISTS in CREATE TABLE AS queries.

  • Add substring() function.

  • Add http.server.authentication.krb5.keytab config option to set the location of the Kerberos keytab file explicitly.

  • Add optimize_metadata_queries session property to enable the metadata-only query optimization.

  • Improve support for non-equality predicates in JOIN criteria.

  • Add support for non-correlated subqueries in aggregation queries.

  • Improve performance of json_extract().

Hive Changes

  • Change ORC input format to report actual bytes read as opposed to estimated bytes.

  • Fix cache invalidation when renaming tables.

  • Fix Parquet reader to handle uppercase column names.

  • Fix issue where the hive.respect-table-format config option was being ignored.

  • Add hive.compression-codec config option to control compression used when writing. The default is now GZIP for all formats.

  • Collect and expose end-to-end execution time JMX metric for requests to AWS services.