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13.212. Release 0.61

13.212. Release 0.61

Add support for Table Value Constructors

Presto now supports the SQL table value constructor syntax to create inline tables. The VALUES clause can be used anywhere a SELECT statement is allowed. For example, as a top-level query:

VALUES ('a', 1), ('b', 2);
 _col0 | _col1
 a     |     1
 b     |     2
(2 rows)

Alternatively, in the FROM clause:

    ('a', 'ape'),
    ('b', 'bear')
) AS animal (letter, animal)
    ('a', 'apple'),
    ('b', 'banana')
) AS fruit (letter, fruit)
USING (letter);
 letter | animal | letter |  fruit
 a      | ape    | a      | apple
 b      | bear   | b      | banana
(2 rows)


  • Add support for upper-case schema, table, and columns names.
  • Add support for DECIMAL type.

Amazon S3 support

  • Completely rewritten Hadoop FileSystem implementation for S3 using the Amazon AWS SDK, with major performance and reliability improvements.
  • Add support for writing data to S3.


  • General improvements to the JDBC driver, specifically with respect to metadata handling.
  • Fix division by zero errors in variance aggregation functions (VARIANCE, STDDEV, etc.).
  • Fix a bug when using DISTINCT aggregations in the HAVING clause.
  • Fix an out of memory issue when writing large tables.
  • Fix a bug when using ORDER BY rand() in a JOIN query.
  • Fix handling of timestamps in maps and lists in Hive connector.
  • Add instrumentation for Hive metastore and HDFS API calls to track failures and latency. These metrics are exposed via JMX.