Release 0.233


There is a bug in this release that will cause queries with the predicate IS NULL on bucketed columns to produce incorrect results.

General Changes

  • Fix an optimizer failure introduced in 0.229, where a LIKE pattern is deduced into a constant, e.g., col LIKE 'a' and col = 'b'.

  • Fix correctness issue in queries with joins over UNNEST. (#14257).

  • Fix ArbitraryOutputBuffer to avoid skewing output data distribution. (#14083).

  • Fix an issue where classification_fall_out() cannot be found.

  • Add support for async page transport with non-blocking IO. This can be enabled by the exchange.async-page-transport-enabled configuration property.

  • Add support to handle http request timeouts using multiple thread pools. This can be controlled by the task.http-timeout-concurrency configuration property.

  • Add support for soft affinity scheduling, which makes the best effort to fetch the same piece of data from the same worker, while allowing fallback to random workers if the preferred workers are too busy to handle additional splits. (See Connectors).

  • Add hash functions fnv1_32, fnv1_64, fnv1a_32, and fnv1a_64.

  • Add IP address functions ip_subnet_min(), ip_subnet_max(), ip_subnet_range(), and is_subnet_of().

  • Improve performance of StreamingAggregationOperator.

Hive Changes

  • Fix an issue where Presto fail to start when configuration property hive.s3-file-system-type is set to HADOOP_DEFAULT.

  • Add directory listing cache for Hive Connector. This can be enabled by setting configuration property hive.file-status-cache-tables.

  • Add support for storing column names and types for views in the Hive metastore. Views in the Hive connector can now only use types supported by Hive.

  • Add configuration property hive.insert-overwrite-immutable-partitions-enabled to allow admin to set insert overwrite as the default insertion behavior for Hive connector.

  • Add configuration property hive.node-selection-strategy to choose NodeSelectionStrategy. When SOFT_AFFINITY is selected, scheduler will make the best effort to request the same worker to fetch the same file.

  • Remove configuration property hive.force-local-scheduling. The same functionality can be achieved by setting hive.node-selection-strategy to HARD_AFFINITY.

Verifier Changes

  • Fix an issue where invalid checksum queries can be generated for certain queries containing columns of RowType.

  • Fix an issue where checksum query would fail for queries containing map columns whose key or value types are arrays or rows.

  • Fix incorrect decision for determinism analysis of queries with top-level LIMIT clause. (#14176).

  • Add checks for keys, values, and cardinality sum when validating a map column.

  • Add support to disable individual failure resolvers (#14148).

  • Add support to auto-resolve control checksum query failures with COMPILER_ERROR, instead of skipping the verification.

  • Add support for specifying non-deterministic catalogs by the determinism.non-determinism-catalogs configuration property. Queries explicitly referencing tables from those catalogs are treated as non-deterministic.

  • Improve query performance during determinism analysis of queries with top-level LIMIT clause.

  • Improve correctness check for floating point columns whose mean values of either the control query or the test query is closed to 0.

Druid Changes

  • Add Druid Connector.

Geospatial Changes

  • Improve ST_Points() to add support for major well-known spatial objects. ST_Points() now supports POINT, LINESTRING, POLYGON, MULTIPOINT, MULTILINESTRING, MULTIPOLYGON and GEOMETRYCOLLECTION.

  • Improve ST_IsValid() and ST_IsSimple() to adhere to the ISO/OGC standards more closely. The two functions used to return the same result but may now be different. Users should check both functions to be sure their geometries are well-behaved. geometry_invalid_reason() will return different but semantically similar strings.

  • Improve performance of ST_Intersection() by simply returning the geometry if it has an enclosing envelope. This can reduce CPU cost by up to 10^5x for complex polygons.

SPI Changes

  • Add parameter NodeSelectionStrategy nodeSelectionStrategy in method ConnectorBucketNodeMap#createBucketNodeMap to indicate which affinity strategy to use when creating a bucket node map.

  • Add parameter List<Node> sortedNodes in method ConnectorNodePartitioningProvider#getBucketNodeMap to provide a sorted list of nodes from which a connector can choose to perform affinity scheduling.

  • Add enum NodeSelectionStrategy. NO_PREFERENCE indicates data is remotely accessible from workers, HARD_AFFINITY to indicate data and workers are collocated, and SOFT_AFFINITY to indicate data is remotely accessible but scheduler will make the best effort to fetch the same piece of data from the same worker.

  • Replace ConnectorSplit#isRemoteAccessible with getNodeSelectionStrategy.

  • Replace ConnectorSplit#getAddresses with getPreferredNodes, to provide hints to the scheduler where to schedule splits.

  • Replace the SchemaTableName parameter in ConnectorMetadata#createView with a ConnectorTableMetadata.

  • Move JsonType to SPI.