Release 0.109

General Changes

  • Add slice(), md5(), array_min() and array_max() functions.

  • Fix bug that could cause queries submitted soon after startup to hang forever.

  • Fix bug that could cause JOIN queries to hang forever, if the right side of the JOIN had too little data or skewed data.

  • Improve index join planning heuristics to favor streaming execution.

  • Improve validation of date/time literals.

  • Produce RPM package for Presto server.

  • Always redistribute data when writing tables to avoid skew. This can be disabled by setting the session property redistribute_writes or the config property redistribute-writes to false.

Remove “Big Query” Support

The experimental support for big queries has been removed in favor of the new resource manager which can be enabled via the experimental.cluster-memory-manager-enabled config option. The experimental_big_query session property and the following config options are no longer supported: experimental.big-query-initial-hash-partitions, experimental.max-concurrent-big-queries and experimental.max-queued-big-queries.