Release 0.229

General Changes

  • Fix an issue that would cause query failure when calling geometry_to_bing_tiles() on certain degenerate geometries.

  • Add geospatial function line_interpolate_point().

  • Add support for CREATE FUNCTION

  • Add support for passing X_Forwarded_For header from Proxy to coordinator.

  • Add support to respect configuration property stage.max-tasks-per-stage for limiting the number of tasks per scan.

  • Add configuration property experimental.internal-communication.max-task-update-size to limit the size of the TaskUpdate.

  • Add configuration properties, internal-communication.https.included-cipher, and internal-communication.https.excluded-cipher to easily set common https configurations for all internal communications at one place.

  • Add peak task memory distribution of each stage to QueryStatistics.

Pinot Connector Changes

  • Add Pinot connector.

Hive Connector Changes

  • Fix parquet predicate pushdown on dictionaries to consider more than just the first predicate column.

  • Improve parquet predicate pushdown on dictionaries to avoid reading additional data after successfully eliminating a block.

Raptor Connector Changes

  • Add support for using remote HDFS as the storage in Raptor. Configuration property is changed from a File to a URI. For deployment on local flash, scheme file:/ must be prepended.


SPI Changes

  • Add support for connectors to alter query plans involving UNION, INTERSECT, and EXCEPT, by moving SetOperationNode to SPI.

  • Improve interface ConnectorPlanOptimizerProvider to allow connectors to participate in query optimization in two phases, LOGICAL and PHYSICAL. The two phases correspond to post-shuffle and post-shuffle optimization, respectively.