Presto 0.244 Documentation

13.43. Release 0.215

13.43. Release 0.215

General Changes

  • Fix regression in 0.214 that could cause queries to produce incorrect results for queries using map types.
  • Fix reporting of the processed input data for source stages in EXPLAIN ANALYZE.
  • Fail queries that use non-leaf resource groups. Previously, they would remain queued forever.
  • Improve CPU usage for specific queries (#11757).
  • Extend stats and cost model to support row_number() window function estimates.
  • Improve the join type selection and the reordering of join sides for cases where the join output size cannot be estimated.
  • Add dynamic scheduling support to grouped execution. When a stage is executed with grouped execution and the stage has no remote sources, table partitions can be scheduled to tasks in a dynamic way, which can help mitigating skew for queries using grouped execution. This feature can be enabled with the dynamic_schedule_for_grouped_execution session property or the dynamic-schedule-for-grouped-execution config property.
  • Add beta_cdf() and inverse_beta_cdf() functions.
  • Split the reporting of raw input data and processed input data for source operators.
  • Remove collection and reporting of raw input data statistics for the Values, Local Exchange, and Local Merge Sort operators.
  • Simplify EXPLAIN (TYPE IO) output when there are too many discrete components. This avoids large output at the cost of reduced granularity.
  • Add parse_presto_data_size() function.
  • Add support for UNION ALL to optimizer’s cost model.
  • Add support for estimating the cost of filters by using a default filter factor. The default value for the filter factor can be configured with the default_filter_factor_enabled session property or the optimizer.default-filter-factor-enabled.

Geospatial Changes

  • Add input validation checks to ST_LineString() to conform with the specification.
  • Improve spatial join performance.
  • Enable spatial joins for join conditions expressed with the ST_Within() function.

Web UI Changes

  • Fix Capture Snapshot button for showing current thread stacks.
  • Fix dropdown for expanding stage skew component on the query details page.
  • Improve the performance of the thread snapshot component on the worker status page.
  • Make the reporting of Cumulative Memory usage consistent on the query list and query details pages.
  • Remove legacy thread UI.

Hive Changes

  • Add predicate pushdown support for the DATE type to the Parquet reader. This change also fixes a bug that may cause queries with predicates on DATE columns to fail with type mismatch errors.

Redis Changes

  • Prevent printing the value of the redis.password configuration property to log files.