Release 0.123

General Changes

  • Remove node-scheduler.location-aware-scheduling-enabled config.

  • Fixed query failures that occur when the optimizer.optimize-hash-generation config is disabled.

  • Fix exception when using the ResultSet returned from the DatabaseMetaData.getColumns method in the JDBC driver.

  • Increase default value of failure-detector.threshold config.

  • Fix race in queueing system which could cause queries to fail with “Entering secondary queue failed”.

  • Fix issue with histogram() that can cause failures or incorrect results when there are more than ten buckets.

  • Optimize execution of cross join.

  • Run Presto server as presto user in RPM init scripts.

Table Properties

When creating tables with CREATE TABLE or CREATE TABLE AS, you can now add connector specific properties to the new table. For example, when creating a Hive table you can specify the file format. To list all available table, properties, run the following query:

SELECT * FROM system.metadata.table_properties

Hive Changes

We have implemented INSERT and DELETE for Hive. Both INSERT and CREATE statements support partitioned tables. For example, to create a partitioned table execute the following:

   order_date VARCHAR,
   order_region VARCHAR,
   order_id BIGINT,
   order_info VARCHAR
) WITH (partitioned_by = ARRAY['order_date', 'order_region'])

To DELETE from a Hive table, you must specify a WHERE clause that matches entire partitions. For example, to delete from the above table, execute the following:

WHERE order_date = '2015-10-15' AND order_region = 'APAC'


Currently, Hive deletion is only supported for partitioned tables. Additionally, partition keys must be of type VARCHAR.