Presto 0.240.1 Documentation

13.18. Release 0.232

13.18. Release 0.232


There is a bug in this release that will cause queries with the predicate IS NULL on bucketed columns to produce incorrect results.

General Changes

  • Fix an issue where DATE_TRUNC may produce incorrect results at certain timestamp in America/Sao_Paulo.
  • Improve built-in function resolution performance by caching function resolution results.
  • Add a MySQL-based function namespace manager implementation that supports creating, altering, and dropping SQL functions (Function Namespace Managers).
  • Add support for retrying failed stages from a materialized point instead of failing the entire query. The number of retries allowed can be configured using the configuration property max-stage-retries and session property max_stage_retries. The default value is zero. To take advantage of this feature, exchange_materialization_strategy must be set to ALL.
  • Add configuration property use-legacy-scheduler and session property use_legacy_scheduler to use a version of the query scheduler before refactorings to enable full stage retries. The default value is false. This is a temporary property to provide an easy way to roll back in case of bugs in the new scheduler. This property will be removed in a couple releases once we have confidence in the stability of the new scheduler.
  • Add query_max_total_memory_per_node and query_max_memory_per_node session properties.
  • Add support to show whether functions have variable arity in SHOW FUNCTIONS.
  • Add support to show whether functions are built-in in SHOW FUNCTIONS.
  • Add use_exact_partitioning session property that forces repartitioning if repartitioning is possible.
  • Add support for ALTER FUNCTION.
  • Add configuration property resource-groups.reload-refresh-interval to control the frequency of reloading resource group information from the database. The default value is 10 seconds.
  • Add support for using the Thrift protocol to shuffle data. This can be configured using the configuration property internal-communication.task-communication-protocol. Possible values are HTTP or Thrift.
  • Add support for using the Thrift protocol to announce node state. This can be configured using the configuration property internal-communication.server-info-communication-protocol. Possible values are HTTP or Thrift.
  • Add session property list_built_in_functions_only to support hiding user-defined SQL functions in SHOW FUNCTIONS.
  • Add experimental functions tdigest_agg, merge(tdigest), value_at_quantile(tdigest, quantile), values_at_quantiles(tdigest, quantiles), quantile_at_value(tdigest, quantile), quantiles_at_values(tdigest, quantile) for creating, merging, and querying t-digests. These can be enabled by using the session property experimental_functions_enabled and the configuration property experimental-functions-enabled.

Hive Changes

  • Fix an issue where queries could fail with buffer overflow when writing ORC files.
  • Add support for handling statistics to the Alluxio metastore.
  • Add Alluxio metastore which connects to the Alluxio catalog service <>.
  • Add session property shuffle_partitioned_columns_for_table_write to make Presto shuffle data on the partition columns before writing to partitioned unbucketed Hive tables. This increases the maximum number of partitions that can be written in a single query by a factor of the total number of writing workers. The property is false by default. (#14010).
  • Expose Hive table properties via system table$properties table.
  • Change error code from HIVE_METASTORE_ERROR to HIVE_TABLE_DROPPED_DURING_QUERY when a DROP TABLE query fails due to another query dropping the table before this query has finished.
  • Upgrade Alluxio version from 2.1.1 to 2.1.2.

Kudu Changes

  • Add Kerberos authentication.

Kafka Changes

  • Update Kafka connector to 2.3.1, which improves implementation and performance (#13709).

Pinot Changes

  • Replace config pinot.prefer-broker-queries with the inverse config pinot.forbid-broker-queries.

Verifier Changes

  • Add specific validation checks for the individual fields when validating a row column.

SPI Changes

  • Replace IsHidden attribute on AggregationFunction and ScalarFunction with visibility which can be of the following values PUBLIC, EXPERIMENTAL, HIDDEN.