Presto 0.245.1 Documentation

13.52. Release 0.210

13.52. Release 0.210

General Changes

  • Fix planning failure when aliasing columns of tables containing hidden columns (#11385).
  • Fix correctness issue when GROUP BY DISTINCT terms contain references to the same column using different syntactic forms (#11120).
  • Fix failures when querying information_schema tables using capitalized names.
  • Improve performance when converting between ROW types.
  • Remove user CPU time tracking as introduces non-trivial overhead.
  • Select join distribution type automatically for queries involving outer joins.

Hive Connector Changes

  • Fix a security bug introduced in 0.209 when using, which would allow any user to create, drop, or rename schemas.
  • Prevent ORC writer from writing stripes larger than the max configured size when converting a highly dictionary compressed column to direct encoding.
  • Support creating Avro tables with a custom schema using the avro_schema_url table property.
  • Support backward compatible Avro schema evolution.
  • Support cross-realm Kerberos authentication for HDFS and Hive Metastore.

JDBC Driver Changes

  • Deallocate prepared statement when PreparedStatement is closed. Previously, Connection became unusable after many prepared statements were created.
  • Remove getUserTimeMillis() from QueryStats and StageStats.

SPI Changes

  • SystemAccessControl.checkCanSetUser() now takes an Optional<Principal> rather than a nullable Principal.
  • Rename connectorId to catalogName in ConnectorFactory, QueryInputMetadata, and QueryOutputMetadata.
  • Pass ConnectorTransactionHandle to ConnectorAccessControl.checkCanSetCatalogSessionProperty().
  • Remove getUserTime() from SplitStatistics (referenced in SplitCompletedEvent).


These are backwards incompatible changes with the previous SPI. If you have written a plugin, you will need to update your code before deploying this release.