Release 0.234

General Changes

  • Fix query failure for cross-joining bucketed tables with COALESCE when the bucket counts are compatible but mismatched.

  • Fix an issue where IGNORE NULLS is not respected for window functions.

  • Fix scheduling regression by setting the default scheduler to legacy scheduler.

  • Improve coordinator reliability by adding support to cap the number of total tasks running in a coordinator by pausing scheduling. This can be enabled by the configuration property experimental.max-total-running-task-count-to-not-execute-new-query.

  • Improve the scale writer heuristics by considering overall producer buffer utilization. This can be enabled by the session property optimized_scale_writer_producer_buffer and the configuration property optimized-scale-writer-producer-buffer.

  • Improve end point v1/resourceGroupState to supporting filtering of resource groups that are dynamically generated.

  • Improve connection pooling to avoid running out of sockets.

  • Add KHyperLogLog type and related functions.

  • Add support for forcing streaming exchange for Mark Distinct even if materialized exchange is enabled. This can be enabled by the session property use_stream_exchange_for_mark_distinct and the configuration property query.use-streaming-exchange-for-mark-distinct. (#14216).

Geospatial Changes

  • Improve storage efficiency for Bing tiles by storing Bing tiles as BIGINT. This also reduces bucket skew in certain cases.

  • Add support for spatial joins for join condition ST_Distance(p1, p2) < r.

Hive Changes

  • Add ZSTD support for writing ORC and DWRF files. This can be enabled by setting session property hive.compression_codec to ZSTD.

Verifier Changes

  • Add support for verifying SELECT queries that produce DATE or UNKNOWN (null) columns, or structured typed columns with DATE or UNKNOWN.

  • Add support for auto-resolving control check query failures due to EXCEEDED_TIME_LIMIT.

  • Add determinism analysis support for simple queries with top-level ORDER BY LIMIT clause. (#14181).

SPI Changes

  • Add parameter AccessControlContext to all methods in SystemAccessControl.

  • Add firstDynamicSegmentPosition to SelectionContext.

Druid Changes

  • Add support for aggregation pushdown.

  • Add support for LIMIT evaluation pushdown.