Release 0.128

Graceful Shutdown

Workers can now be instructed to shutdown. This is done by submiting a PUT request to /v1/info/state with the body "SHUTTING_DOWN". Once instructed to shutdown, the worker will no longer receive new tasks, and will exit once all existing tasks have completed.

General Changes

  • Fix cast from json to structural types when rows or maps have arrays, rows, or maps nested in them.

  • Fix Example HTTP connector. It would previously fail with a JSON deserialization error.

  • Optimize memory usage in TupleDomain.

  • Fix an issue that can occur when an INNER JOIN has equi-join clauses that align with the grouping columns used by a preceding operation such as GROUP BY, DISTINCT, etc. When this triggers, the join may fail to produce some of the output rows.

MySQL Changes

  • Fix handling of MySQL database names with underscores.