Release 0.246


There is a bug causing SORT or``LIMIT`` to be incorrectly eliminated when using GROUPING SETS (())`, ``CUBE or ROLLUP, first introduced in 0.246 by #14915


General Changes

  • Fix a bug introduced in #15313 that would cause queries to fail when using upper case in SQL function catalog schema names.

  • Fix a possible integer overflow error when spilling to temporary storage.

  • Fix an issue where prepared statements would allow some non-constant parameters.

  • Fix an error where Presto server can fail to start when using function namespace manager.

  • Add a minimum value of 30 seconds to the configuration property query.min-expire-age.

  • Add listener-based revocation model for spilling strategy PER_TASK_MEMORY_THRESHOLD.

  • Disable spill to disk for join queries where the probe side uses grouped execution and the build does not. Previously these queries would fail with GENERIC_INTERNAL_ERRORS.

  • Disallow ORDER BY literals used with Window functions as it’s not useful, expensive and most often used wrongly.

  • Add support for fragment result caching for queries with local exchange (e.g. intermediate aggregation).

  • Improve queries that have unnecessary limits and order bys. This feature is enabled by default and can be disabled by using the configuration property optimizer.skip-redundant-sort or session property skip_redundant_sort.

Geospatial Changes

  • Upgrade JTS to 1.18.0.

Hive Changes

  • Fix dynamic pruning failures for joining on null keys in hive partition.


Andrii Rosa, Ariel Weisberg, Bhavani Hari, Bin Fan, Emy Sun, George Wang, James Gill, James Petty, James Sun, John Roll, Maria Basmanova, Moji Solgi, Nikhil Collooru, Rebecca Schlussel, Rohit Jain, Rongrong Zhong, Saksham Sachdev, Shixuan Fan, Sorin Stoiana, Sreeni Viswanadha, Vic Zhang, Wenlei Xie, Ying Su, Zhenyuan Zhao, fornaix