Release 0.126

General Changes

  • Add error location information (line and column number) for semantic errors.

  • Fix a CLI crash during tab-completion when no schema is currently selected.

  • Fix reset of session properties in CLI when running USE.

  • Fix occasional query planning failure due to a bug in the projection push down optimizer.

  • Fix a parsing issue when expressions contain the form POSITION(x in (y)).

  • Add a new version of approx_percentile() that takes an accuracy parameter.

  • Allow specifying columns names in INSERT queries.

  • Add field_length table property to blackhole connector to control the size of generated VARCHAR and VARBINARY fields.

  • Bundle Teradata functions plugin in server package.

  • Improve handling of physical properties which can increase performance for queries involving window functions.

  • Add ability to control whether index join lookups and caching are shared within a task. This allows us to optimize for index cache hits or for more CPU parallelism. This option is toggled by the task.share-index-loading config property or the task_share_index_loading session property.

  • Add Tableau web connector.

  • Improve performance of queries that use an IN expression with a large list of constant values.

  • Enable connector predicate push down for all comparable and equatable types.

  • Fix query planning failure when using certain operations such as GROUP BY, DISTINCT, etc. on the output columns of UNNEST.

  • In ExchangeClient set maxResponseSize to be slightly smaller than the configured value. This reduces the possibility of encountering PageTooLargeException.

  • Fix memory leak in coordinator.

  • Add validation for names of table properties.

Hive Changes

  • Fix reading structural types containing nulls in Parquet.

  • Fix writing DATE type when timezone offset is negative. Previous versions would write the wrong date (off by one day).

  • Fix an issue where VARCHAR columns added to an existing table could not be queried.

  • Fix over-creation of initial splits.

  • Fix hive.immutable-partitions config property to also apply to unpartitioned tables.

  • Allow non-VARCHAR columns in DELETE query.

  • Support DATE columns as partition columns in parquet tables.

  • Improve error message for cases where partition columns are also table columns.