Release 0.219

General Changes

  • Fix a correctness bug for queries with a LIMIT on top of a FULL OUTER JOIN.

  • Fix a correctness bug in how word boundaries are handled for regular expression functions when using the Joni regex engine.

  • Fix query failures caused by Parquet predicate pushdown for SMALLINT and TINYINT types.

  • Fix query failures when view columns were fully qualified with catalog and/or schema.

  • Fix query failures when creating and reading an unpartitioned Hive table within the same transaction.

  • Fix an issue that would disable a performance optimization if two tables with mismatching but compatible bucket counts are joined and one of the tables has a $bucket filter.

  • Fix an issue that may cause procedure calls to fail if no queries were run after the server started up.

  • Fix an issue where the properties supported by the ANALYZE statement for a given connector would remain in the system.metadata.analyze_properties table even after the connector was removed.

  • Add ST_Length() for SphericalGeography type..

  • Add view_owner column to the information_schema.views system table.

  • Add a JSON version of the query plan to QueryCompletedEvent.

  • Add support for creating warnings during parsing.

  • Add a warning for using the current_role reserved word as an identifier.

  • Add support for using the empty string as a delimiter for the split() function. When an empty string is used as the delimiter, the string will be split into individual characters.

Raptor Changes

  • Add raptor.minimum-node-count configuration property. If the number of nodes in a cluster is less than the configured value, data recovery and reassignment will not run.

  • Add raptor.startup-grace-period configuration property to specify the delay for the initial bucket balancer run after the coordinator startup.

Hive Connector Changes

  • Add hive.ignore-table-bucketing configuration property and ignore_table_bucketing session property. When set to true, these properties enable reading from partitions whose bucketing scheme does not match the table bucketing scheme.

Verifier Changes

  • Fix an issue where the determinism check for INSERT queries were not run when there was a result mismatch.

  • Fix an issue where the checksum query was treated as the main query, and the main query was treated as part of the setup queries for INSERT query verification.

  • Fix query timeout enforcement by replacing local timer with the query_max_execution_time session property.

  • Improve result comparison for floating point columns by using relative errors. Replace configuration property expected-double-precision with relative-error-margin.

  • Improve result comparison for orderable array columns by applying array_sort() before checksum().

  • Improve result comparison for SELECT queries by rewriting SELECT queries as CREATE TABLE AS and using checksum queries to verify the results. This eliminates the row count limit for SELECT queries.

  • Reuse initial control query results for the determinism check. This reduces the maximum number of control query runs and eliminates the test query reruns.

  • Add support for retrying transient query failures using configuration properties presto.max-attempts, presto.min-backoff-delay, presto.max-backoff-delay, presto.backoff-scale-factor. Similar configurations prefixed with cluster-connection instead of presto are introduced for retrying transient network failures when communicating with the coordinator. Intermediate failures are recorded and emitted in the output.

  • Add support for automatically resolving certain kinds of failures including exceeding the global memory limit and exceeding time limit.

  • Add configuration properties metadata-timeout and checksum-timeout to set the timeouts for metadata queries (i.e., describe queries that read table schema) and checksum queries.

  • Add source-query.table-name configuration property to specify the name of the MySQL table from which the verifier queries will loaded.

  • Add configuration property human-readable.log-file to allow human-readable verification results to be logged into the specified file instead of stdout.

  • Rename configuration properties query-database to source-query.database, suites to source-query.suites, max_queries to source-query.max-queries-per-suite, event-client to event-clients, event-log-file to json.log-file, run-id to test-id, thread-count to max-concurrency, control-gateway to control.jdbc_url, test-gateway to test.jdbc_url, shadow-writes.control-table-prefix to control.table-prefix, and shadow-writes.test-table-prefix to test.table-prefix.

  • Remove configuration properties control.query-types, test.query-types, source, max-row-count, always-report, skip-correctness-regex, check-correctness, skip-cpu-check-regex, check-cpu, explain-only, verbose-results-comparison, quiet, control-teardown-retries, test-teardown-retries, and shadow-writes.

SPI Changes

  • Expose RowExpression to SPI, to allow passing resolved expressions to connectors.