Release 0.146

General Changes

  • Fix error in map_concat() when the second map is empty.

  • Require at least 4096 file descriptors to run Presto.

  • Support casting between map types.

  • Add MongoDB Connector.

Hive Changes

  • Fix incorrect skipping of data in Parquet during predicate push-down.

  • Fix reading of Parquet maps and lists containing nulls.

  • Fix reading empty ORC file with hive.orc.use-column-names enabled.

  • Fix writing to S3 when the staging directory is a symlink to a directory.

  • Legacy authorization properties, such as hive.allow-drop-table, are now only enforced when is set, which is the default security system. Specifically, the sql-standard authorization system does not enforce these settings.

Black Hole Changes

  • Add support for varchar(n).

Cassandra Changes

  • Add support for Cassandra 3.0.