Presto 0.245.1 Documentation

13.53. Release 0.209

13.53. Release 0.209

General Changes

  • Fix incorrect predicate pushdown when grouping sets contain the empty grouping set (#11296).
  • Fix X-Forwarded-Proto header handling for requests to the / path (#11168).
  • Fix a regression that results in execution failure when at least one of the arguments to min_by() or max_by() is a constant NULL.
  • Fix failure when some buckets are completely filtered out during bucket-by-bucket execution.
  • Fix execution failure of queries due to a planning deficiency involving complex nested joins where a join that is not eligible for bucket-by-bucket execution feeds into the build side of a join that is eligible.
  • Improve numerical stability for corr(), covar_samp(), regr_intercept(), and regr_slope().
  • Do not include column aliases when checking column access permissions.
  • Eliminate unnecessary data redistribution for scalar correlated subqueries.
  • Remove table scan original constraint information from EXPLAIN output.
  • Introduce distinct error codes for global and per-node memory limit errors.
  • Include statistics and cost estimates for EXPLAIN (TYPE DISTRIBUTED) and EXPLAIN ANALYZE.
  • Support equality checks for ARRAY, MAP, and ROW values containing nulls.
  • Improve statistics estimation and fix potential negative nulls fraction estimates for expressions that include NOT or OR.
  • Completely remove the SHOW PARTITIONS statement.
  • Add bing_tiles_around() variant that takes a radius.
  • Add the convex_hull_agg() and geometry_union_agg() geospatial aggregation functions.
  • Add (TYPE IO, FORMAT JSON) option for EXPLAIN that shows input tables with constraints and the output table in JSON format.
  • Add Kudu Connector.
  • Raise required Java version to 8u151. This avoids correctness issues for map to map cast when running under some earlier JVM versions, including 8u92.

Web UI Changes

  • Fix the kill query button on the live plan and stage performance pages.

CLI Changes

  • Prevent spurious “No route to host” errors on macOS when using IPv6.

JDBC Driver Changes

  • Prevent spurious “No route to host” errors on macOS when using IPv6.

Hive Connector Changes

  • Fix data loss when writing bucketed sorted tables. Partitions would be missing arbitrary rows if any of the temporary files for a bucket had the same size. The numRows partition property contained the correct number of rows and can be used to detect if this occurred.
  • Fix cleanup of temporary files when writing bucketed sorted tables.
  • Allow creating schemas when using file based security.
  • Reduce the number of cases where tiny ORC stripes will be written when some columns are highly dictionary compressed.
  • Improve memory accounting when reading ORC files. Previously, buffer memory and object overhead was not tracked for stream readers.
  • ORC struct columns are now mapped by name rather than ordinal. This correctly handles missing or extra struct fields in the ORC file.
  • Add procedure system.create_empty_partition() for creating empty partitions.

Kafka Connector Changes

  • Support Avro formatted Kafka messages.
  • Support backward compatible Avro schema evolution.

SPI Changes

  • Allow using Object as a parameter type or return type for SQL functions when the correponding SQL type is an unbounded generic.