NeuroBlade Joins Presto Foundation: Pioneering Hardware Acceleration for Faster Data Analytics

    NeuroBlade, known for its SQL Processing Unit (SPU) designed to accelerate data analytics, has joined the Presto Foundation. This partnership underscores NeuroBlade’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of open-source support for hardware acceleration, thereby enhancing Presto’s robust capabilities. By aligning with the Presto community’s drive to transcend traditional hardware limitations through sophisticated software optimizations, NeuroBlade is set to achieve unprecedented levels of query processing speed and efficiency.

    Background on Presto and NeuroBlade

    Presto, an exceptionally effective distributed SQL query engine, is a cornerstone in the big data analytics sector, adept at managing large-scale data across various sources. NeuroBlade’s strategic move to join the Presto Foundation is a pivotal merger of its state-of-the-art hardware innovations with Presto’s continuous open-source software enhancements. This powerful synergy is expected to unlock unparalleled levels of efficiency and performance, crucial for tackling the complexities of data analytics challenges.

    Scalability and Efficiency

    NeuroBlade’s innovative technology addresses the bottlenecks commonly encountered by traditional CPUs by processing data directly from its source in native formats such as Parquet. This method eliminates unnecessary data transfers between the CPU, memory, and storage, thus maximizing the efficiency of available I/O resources like NVMe and network storage. These hardware innovations not only complement but significantly amplify Presto’s software optimizations, boosting its ability to efficiently handle larger datasets and complex queries.

    SPU Integration

    Utilizing the flexible Data Analytics Acceleration (DAXL) Framework to manage and program the SPU, NeuroBlade significantly enhances Presto’s query processing speeds. This sophisticated hardware abstraction simplifies integration and has demonstrated approximately a tenfold increase in Presto-Velox benchmark performance. These advancements, result in smaller, more cost-effective clusters, leading to substantial reductions in total cost of ownership (TCO).

    Impact on the Presto Community and Users

    The integration of NeuroBlade’s hardware with Presto’s software optimizations is poised to revolutionize business analytics, facilitating faster and more economical extraction of insights from extensive datasets. This initiative not only creates new collaboration opportunities within the Presto community but also paves the way for further hardware acceleration solutions by promoting open-source support for Velox.


    NeuroBlade’s entry into the Presto Foundation marks a significant milestone in the evolution of data analytics, heralding a future where hardware and software optimizations seamlessly merge to enhance performance. The community’s involvement is more crucial than ever, playing a pivotal role in realizing these technological advancements and setting the stage for unprecedented growth and innovation in the analytics field.

    Call to Action

    NeuroBlade invites the community to engage actively with these exciting open-source developments. We encourage you to participate in discussions, connect with us to experience the SPU technology firsthand, and contribute to the ongoing enhancement of hardware acceleration within the Presto ecosystem.