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    Community Projects

    Cloud Tools

    Amazon Athena

    Amazon Athena is an interactive query service based on Presto that makes it easy to analyze data in Amazon S3 using standard SQL. Athena is serverless, so there is no infrastructure to manage, and you pay only for the queries that you run.

    Amazon Athena uses Presto with full standard SQL support and works with a variety of standard data formats. Athena is out-of-the-box integrated with AWS Glue Data Catalog, allowing you to create a unified metadata repository across various services, crawl data sources to discover schemas and populate your Catalog with new and modified table and partition definitions, and maintain schema versioning.

    Amazon EMR

    Amazon EMR provides a managed Hadoop framework that makes it easy, fast, and cost-effective to process vast amounts of data across dynamically scalable Amazon EC2 instances. With EMR, you can launch a large Presto cluster in minutes. You don’t need to worry about node provisioning, cluster setup or tuning.

    Using Presto on EMR provides these benefits to customers:

    With Amazon EMR, you can provision one, hundreds, or thousands of compute instances to process data at any scale. You can easily increase or decrease the number of instances manually or with Auto Scaling, and you only pay for what you use.

    Simple and predictable pricing:
    You pay a per-second rate for every second used, with a one-minute minimum charge.

    Presto Management Tools

    Presto Admin

    Presto-Admin is a tool for installing and managing the Presto query engine on a cluster with easy-to-use commands.

    Presto Query Analyzer

    Get instant insights into your Presto clusters with the free Presto Query Analyzer by Ahana. Monitor the health of your clusters including query performance, bandwidth bottlenecks, and more to ensure you’re getting the best performance.

    Presto Query Predictor

    presto-query-predictor is a Python module introducing machine learning techniques to the Presto ecosystem. It contains a machine learning pipeline for the model training/evaluation and a query predictor web service to predict CPU and memory usages of Presto queries.

    Presto Clients and GUIs


    Airpal is a web-based, query execution tool which leverages Facebook’s PrestoDB to make authoring queries and retrieving results simple for users. Airpal provides the ability to find tables, see metadata, browse sample rows, write and edit queries, then submit queries all in a web interface.


    Redash is a take on freeing the data within our company in a way that will better fit our culture and usage patterns. It has Presto support as well as other backends, and offers a query editor with syntax highlighting and completion, and creating visualizations and dashboards from query results.


    Quix is a multi-user, easy-to-use notebook manager. By utilizing Presto it provides unified access to multiple data sources and effectively acts as a shared space for your company’s BI insights and know-how.


    Shib is a web-client written in Node.js designed to query Presto and Hive. To run Shib install node.js, alter your config.js, and follow the instructions on the shib project page. Shib can also be used as an proxy server for query engines.


    Superset enables users to consume data in many different ways: writing SQL queries, creating new tables, creating a visualization (slice), adding that visualization to one or many dashboards and downloading a CSV. SQL Lab is a a part of Superset and provides rich SQL editor that enables users to both query and visualize data. You can explore and preview tables in Presto, effortlessly compose SQL queries to access data. From there, you can either export a CSV file or immediately visualize your data in the Superset “Explore” view.


    PrestoClient C

    C client for Presto.


    Go client for Presto.

    Presto JDBC Driver

    JDBC driver for Presto.


    Prestogres is a gateway server that allows clients to use PostgreSQL protocol and thus the PostgreSQL ODBC driver to run queries on Presto.


    Node.js client for Presto.


    Streaming Node.js client for Presto.


    PHP client for Presto.


    Python client for Presto.


    PyHive is a collection of Python DB-API and SQLAlchemy interfaces for Presto and Hive.

    PrestoClient Python

    Python client for Presto.


    DBI-based adapter for Presto for R.


    Ruby client for Presto.

    The Presto Foundation

    The Presto Foundation is the organization that oversees the development of the Presto open source project. Presto is an independent open-source project and not controlled by any single company. Members of the Presto Foundation provide essential financial support for the collaborative development process, including tooling, infrastructure, and community conferences. Learn more and become a Member.