Customer-Facing Presto at Rippling – Andy Li, Rippling

    Last month we hosted PrestoCon, a return to in-person events that showcased the community development of Presto. In this blog we’ll detail Rippling’s presentation on their Presto use case, including their architecture, key optimizations, and hard earned lessons. You can also check out their full presentation here. Background Rippling is a popular HR and payroll…

    A recap of PrestoCon 2022 – Bringing Data Lakehouse Analytics to Life (plus a special video recap)

    Last month the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, reverberated with “all things Presto,” at our PrestoCon 2022 conference. Back for the third time—and the first time post-pandemic—PrestoCon was ground zero for training, knowledge sharing, and inspiration about the open-source Presto for data analytics and lakehouses, as well as for the vibrant Presto community….