Release 0.230#

General Changes#

  • Fix an issue where a SQL function fails to compile when the function implementation contains constants.

  • Fix an issue where a SQL function fails to compile when some function parameters are not referenced in the function body.

  • Fix an issue where SQL functions do not respect behavior specification for null arguments during execution.

  • Fix compilation errors for expressions over types containing an extremely large number of nested types (#13405).

  • Fix a regression in lambda evaluation (#13648).

  • Fix geometry_to_bing_tiles() function for geometries at -180 longitude or 85.05112878 latitude.

  • Improve PRESTO_EXTRA_CREDENTIAL header parsing to allow for values contain multiple = characters and url-encoded characters.

  • Add support to list non-builtin functions in SHOW FUNCTIONS. The feature can be turned on by the configuration property list-non-built-in-functions.

  • Add support for DROP FUNCTION.

  • Add combinations() function, which returns n combinations of values in an array, up to n = 5.

  • Add all_match(), any_match(), and none_match() functions.

  • Add expand_envelope() function to return a geometry‚Äôs envelope expanded by a distance.

Hive Changes#

  • Add Alluxio client jar to plugin/hive-hadoop2/ as a runtime dependency to avoid having to copy the jar file to all Presto servers manually when connecting to Alluxio.

  • Improve ORC reader performance.

  • Add configuration property hive.zstd-jni-decompression-enabled to enable JNI ZSTD decompressor for ORC files.

Raptor Changes#

  • Fix an issue where the organizer does not run scheduled jobs.

  • Add support for caching data read from HDFS on a local disk.

  • Add configuration property storage.zstd-jni-decompression-enabled to enable JNI ZSTD decompressor for ORC files.

Verifier Changes#

  • Add support to always output verification results for queries being skipped for verification.

SPI Changes#

  • Replace ConnectorMetadata#commitPartition with async operation ConnectorMetadata#commitPartitionAsync.