Release 0.225#

General Changes#

  • Fix under-reporting of output data size from a fragment. (#11770)

  • Fix a bug where spatial joins would cause workers to run out of memory and crash. (#13251)

  • Fix leak in operator peak memory computations. (#13210)

  • Allow overriding session zone sent by clients. (#13140)

  • Throw an exception when a spatial partition is made with 0 rows.

  • Add TableStatistics field containing statistics estimates for input tables to the QueryInputMetadata in QueryCompletedEvent for join queries. (#12808)

  • Add configuration property experimental.max-total-running-task-count and experimental.max-query-running-task-count to limit number of running tasks for all queries and a single query, respectively. Query will be killed only if both conditions are violated. (#13228)

JDBC Changes#

  • Match schema and table names case insensitively. This behavior can be enabled by setting the case-insensitive-name-matching catalog configuration option to true.

Web UI Changes#

  • Display tasks per stage on the query page.

Elasticsearch Connector Changes#

  • Fix and support nested fields in Elasticsearch Connector. (#12642)

Hive Changes#

  • Improve performance of file reads on S3. (#13222)

  • Add ability to use JSON key file to access Google Cloud Storage. The file path can be specified using the configuration property hive.gcs.json-key-file-path=/path/to/gcs_keyfile.json.

  • Add ability to use client-provided OAuth token to access Google Cloud Storage. This can be configured using the configuration property hive.gcs.use-access-token=false.

Raptor Changes#

  • Return an error when creating tables with unsupported types like ROW type. (#13209)

  • Remove legacy ORC writer. Configuration property storage.orc.optimized-writer-stage is enabled by default. Option DISABLED is removed.

  • Add a new procedure trigger_bucket_balancer to trigger bucket balancing job.

SPI Changes#

  • Add TableHandle parameter to ConnectorPageSourceProvider#createPageSource method. This gives connector access to ConnectorTableLayoutHandle during execution.

  • Add columnHandles parameter to ConnectorMetadata.getTableStatistics method. The new parameter allows connectors to prune statistics to the desired list of columns and subfields and fixes compatibility issue between subfield pruning and CBO. (#13082)

Verifier Changes#

  • Add support for overriding session properties for all queries in a suite.

  • Add cluster type and retryable information for QueryFailure.

  • Add final query failure information to Verifier output event.