Release 0.163#

General Changes#

  • Fix data corruption when transporting dictionary-encoded data.

  • Fix potential deadlock when resource groups are configured with memory limits.

  • Improve performance for OUTER JOIN queries.

  • Improve exchange performance by reading from buffers in parallel.

  • Improve performance when only a subset of the columns resulting from a JOIN are referenced.

  • Make ALL, SOME and ANY non-reserved keywords.

  • Add from_big_endian_64() function.

  • Change xxhash64() return type from BIGINT to VARBINARY.

  • Change subscript operator for map types to fail if the key is not present in the map. The former behavior (returning NULL) can be restored by setting the deprecated.legacy-map-subscript config option.

  • Improve EXPLAIN ANALYZE to render stats more accurately and to include input statistics.

  • Improve tolerance to communication errors for long running queries. This can be adjusted with the query.remote-task.max-error-duration config option.

Accumulo Changes#

  • Fix issue that could cause incorrect results for large rows.

MongoDB Changes#

  • Fix NullPointerException when a field contains a null.

Cassandra Changes#

  • Add support for VARBINARY, TIMESTAMP and REAL data types.

Hive Changes#

  • Fix issue that would prevent predicates from being pushed into Parquet reader.

  • Fix Hive metastore user permissions caching when tables are dropped or renamed.

  • Add experimental file based metastore which stores information in HDFS or S3 instead of a database.