Release 0.178#

General Changes#

  • Fix various memory accounting bugs, which reduces the likelihood of full GCs/OOMs.

  • Fix a regression that causes queries that use the keyword “stats” to fail to parse.

  • Fix an issue where a query does not get cleaned up on the coordinator after query failure.

  • Add ability to cast to JSON from REAL, TINYINT or SMALLINT.

  • Add support for GROUPING operation to complex grouping operations.

  • Add support for correlated subqueries in IN predicates.

  • Add to_ieee754_32() and to_ieee754_64() functions.

Hive Changes#

  • Fix high CPU usage due to schema caching when reading Avro files.

  • Preserve decompression error causes when decoding ORC files.

Memory Connector Changes#

  • Fix a bug that prevented creating empty tables.

SPI Changes#

  • Make environment available to resource group configuration managers.

  • Add additional performance statistics to query completion event.