Release 0.220#

General Changes#

  • Fix an issue where spatial joins executed after right outer joins would fail in certain cases. See #12672.

  • Fix an issue where TRY cannot catch the failures in ROW comparisons with NULL fields and ARRAY comparisons with NULL elements.

  • Improve scan performance for queries that read map columns but do not access individual keys.

Raptor Changes#

  • Add support for writing files with ZSTD compression. Add configuration property storage.orc.compression-kind to switch between SNAPPY and ZSTD. This is only applied when optimized ORC writer is turned on.

  • Improve performance of the ORC writer in Raptor. Add configuration property storage.orc.optimized-writer-stage to enable the performance enhancement. The optimized ORC writer is backward compatible with the Hadoop ORC writer, but the Hadoop ORC writer is not forward compatible with it. Turning on the optimized ORC writer should work on an existing Raptor server. However, switching back to the Hadoop ORC writer may fail Raptor background job.

Hive Connector Changes#

  • Add compression_codec session property to set the compression codec when writing files. Possible values are NONE, SNAPPY, and GZIP.

  • Add experimental support for partial merge pushdown, which optimizes plans for queries joining over two tables with mismatched but compatible bucket counts. This feature can be enabled by session property experimental.optimizer.partial-merge-pushdown-strategy, and is aiming to supersede hive.optimize-mismatched-bucket-count. See #12611.

  • Improve query performance when writing bucketed tables.

MongoDB Connector Changes#

  • Add configuration property to configure mongodb read preference tags. Tag sets are separated by an ampersand, and each tag set is specified as a comma-separated list of colon-separated key-value pairs. For example,,use:reporting&use:reporting.

JDBC Driver Changes#

  • Fix incorrect precision and column display size in ResultSetMetaData for CHAR and VARCHAR columns.

Verifier Changes#

  • Fix an issue where Verifier would always mark floating point columns as mismatched if either the control checksum or test checksum was 0 while the other was close to 0. Add configuration property absolute-error-margin to configure this threshold.

  • Fix error messages for floating point column mismatches.

  • Add configuration property failure-resolver.enabled to allow automatic failure resolution be disabled.

  • Add control and test checksum query IDs to Verifier output event.

  • Improve Presto query retries by allowing Verifier to recognize JdbcErrorCode and ThriftErrorCode, and by marking ABANDONED_TASK, HIVE_WRITER_OPEN_ERROR, JDBC_ERROR, and THRIFT_SERVICE_CONNECTION_ERROR as retryable errors.

SPI Changes#

  • Move FunctionMetadata to SPI.

  • Add FunctionMetadataManager and StandardFunctionResolution in ConnectorContext. The two interfaces allow connectors to obtain the metadata of a Presto system function as well as to resolve standard functions, such as add, minus, and, or, etc.

  • Remove distributedPlanningTime from QueryStatistics

  • Remove redundant offset parameter in Block#getByte, Block#getShort, and Block#getInt.