Presto Events

    Join us at a meetup, user conference or community show. We host Presto events virtually and across the globe!


    PrestoCon Day 2024

    Jun 25, 2024 | 8:30am PT

    Join us for our 1-day virtual event for the community! Hear from Presto engineers and users around the world. Registration is free, we're looking forward to getting the community together!

    Past Events

    Apps, Analytics and GenAI for modern lakehouse

    Apr 27, 2024 | 10am

    If you're in Bangalore join IBM and Bhuma to learn more about Presto and Presto 2.0. There will also be a hackathon with prizes for winners!

    Building an Open Data Lakehouse on AWS S3 with Apache Hudi & Presto

    Apr 24, 2024 | 9am PT

    Join us for a free workshop we're delivering with the Apache Hudi team! Learn more about the open lakehouse architecture stack and get hands-on to build it in your own environment.

    VeloxCon 2024

    Apr 3–4, 2024
    San Jose, CA

    A 2 day community event about Velox, the open-source unified execution engine that aims to commoditize execution in data management systems. Learn about its integrations with compute engines for analytical workloads, such as Presto and Spark (through the Prestissimo and Gluten projects), in addition to stream processing, feature engineering and data preprocessing for ML, log messaging, and more.


    Mar 14–17, 2024
    Los Angeles, CA

    Join us in LA for a session on Leveraging PrestoDB for data success at 2024's Scale 21x.

    Presto Paris Meetup March 2024

    Mar 13, 2024 | 5pm CET

    Introduction to Presto
    Meet others in the French Presto community and join us at Denodo offices in Paris where we’ll do an introduction to Presto and a hands-on getting started session!

    Virtual Lab: Building an Open Data Lakehouse with Presto and Apache Iceberg

    Feb 28, 2024 | 10am PT

     In this workshop, we’ll get hands-on building an Open Data Lakehouse – an approach that brings open technologies and formats to your lakehouse. We’ll use Presto for the open-source SQL query engine, Apache Iceberg to enable ACID transactions, and Minio S3-compatible Object Storage for the data lake.

    Virtual Lab: Get Started with Presto

    Feb 7, 2024 | 10am PT

    In this workshop you’ll learn the basics of Presto, the open-source SQL query engine. You’ll get Presto running locally on your machine, connect data sources, and run some queries. This is a beginner-level workshop for software developers and engineers who are new to Presto.

    OSA Con

    Dec 12–14, 2023

    Join us virtually at Open Source Analytics Conference where we have sessions on Prestissimo and How to build Open Source Community. Free registration!

    PrestoCon 2023

    Dec 5–6, 2023
    Bay Area

    Our marquee in-person community conference Two days of all things Presto! Join us for PrestoCon 2023, where we’ll have hands-on workshops and sessions from Presto engineers at Meta, Uber, Intel, IBM, Bytedance, & more. Early bird tickets on sale!

    Bangalore Meetup Nov 2023

    Nov 30, 2023 | 2pm IST

    Hello Presto India community! Join us for a special in-person Presto meetup at IBM Offices, Bangalore. Space is limited at the office so please register to save your seat.

    NYC Meetup Nov 2023

    Nov 2, 2023 | 6pm ET

    Scaling with Presto on Spark at Uber
    Join us at Uber offices in NYC where we’ll hear from Uber engineers on how they use Presto. We’ll have pizza and drinks, space is limited so please RSVP through our group!

    Virtual Meetup Oct 2023

    Oct 18, 2023 | 8pm IST

    New plugin for Query Audit & Governance Learn more about the plugin type “QAAG – Query Audit and Governance” that enables pluggable governance services into to presto for robust and customized Audit and Governance of SQL queries.