Presto Working Groups

    Work with Presto engineers and contribute to specific areas of the project

    Working groups help to create focus around specific areas of the project to advance that part of the project more effectively. Each group will have a leader who will call meetings and help facilitate discussions. Members are encouraged to attend these meetings to help determine priorities and roadmap as well as work on delivering on that roadmap.

    Architecture | Optimizer | Native Worker

    Architecture Working Group

    The ultimate output of the Architecture working group is a publicly accessible roadmap of technical work for the Presto project. Once this roadmap is completed, it shall be updated at a set cadence to be determined by the Architecture WG. It will always be publicly accessible.

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    Optimizer Working Group

    The purpose of the Optimizer WG is to drive advancements in the Presto query optimizer, focusing on designing new improvements, monitoring the progress of ongoing initiatives, and facilitating collaborative discussions for brainstorming optimizer enhancements.

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    Native Worker Working Group

    Develop and maintain an architectural roadmap and tackle integration issues for the Native Worker project, a project for rewriting Presto workers in C++ using the Velox library.

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