IBM – a modern open data lakehouse architecture, built on Presto!

    Today we are happy to share that IBM, a Presto-based Open Data Lakehouse architecture, is now generally available. Back in April we shared that IBM had joined the Presto Foundation through the acquisition of Ahana. To reiterate what we talked about then, we believe that this is an exciting time for the Presto open…

    Recapping PrestoCon Day 2023 – Presto for the Data Lakehouse, Presto at scale

    Just a few weeks ago we hosted PrestoCon Day, our annual virtual community conference. Thank you to everyone who attended – it was an awesome day! We had a fantastic agenda with many Presto users sharing why they chose Presto and how they’re using it to power some pretty sizable workloads. Sign up for the…

    A recap of PrestoCon 2022 – Bringing Data Lakehouse Analytics to Life (plus a special video recap)

    Last month the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, reverberated with “all things Presto,” at our PrestoCon 2022 conference. Back for the third time—and the first time post-pandemic—PrestoCon was ground zero for training, knowledge sharing, and inspiration about the open-source Presto for data analytics and lakehouses, as well as for the vibrant Presto community….

    Is PrestoDB the most popular Open Source Data Analytics project?

    The Presto Foundation is thrilled to announce that today Presto has been awarded “2022 Editors Choice for Top 3 Data and AI Open Source Projects to Watch” from BigDATAwire. Past winners are a true who’s who in the data world including Apache Spark (2020), Apache Kafka (2018), MongoDB (2019), Apache Cassandra, ElasticSearch and Redis (2021)….