Happy 11th Birthday to Presto! We’re celebrating with some project contributions

    Happy Birthday to Presto!

    Although it officially happened in August, we’re still celebrating because Presto turned 11 and because we’ve logged four vibrant years under the Linux Foundation’s governance. 🎂🎉Check out the video of the Presto Community wishing the project a happy birthday!

    What’s a birthday without gifts, right? 🎁 Coinciding with this birthday, the Presto community is noting two significant contributions, from IBM and Uber, that we’re going to go ahead and count as birthday gifts.

    First up, we’ve got IBM donating the AWS Lake Formation for Presto integration. This is actually a still-wrapped gift that won’t be ready to open for a while. But when we do, you’ll be able to easily build and query a secure data lake with Presto and AWS S3.

    Our second gift is from Uber: its Redis-based Historical Statistics Provider for Presto. Redis has added a history-based optimizer (HBO) to its open-source in-memory database that integrates with Presto through a dedicated connector. The HBO uses historical data to make Presto query execution faster and more efficient. Uber used Presto’s extensive historical plan optimizer framework and the Redis HBO to build a Redis meta-store provider to fetch and update plan-level historical stats—and donated it back to the community.

    Contributions play an important role in the world of open source, and we welcome gifts both large and small from everyone in the community.

    As Girish Baliga, Presto Foundation Governing Board chairperson and director of engineering at Uber, said in the press release announcing all this: “Contributing back to open source is an important part of our ethos, and these latest contributions are a testament to that. We welcome everyone from the community to get involved and contribute back to the project, no matter the size of their contributions.”

    Hear, hear! In fact, let’s make gift-giving a continuous process and continue the celebration when we meet for PrestoCon 2023. This highlight event of the year is happening December 5-6. Early bird passes ($50) are available through October 31.

    See you there. And in the meantime, keep contributing to the Presto project!