Presto Foundation and PrestoDB: Our Commitment to the Presto Open Source Community

    We recently wrapped up an amazing PrestoCon Day attended by over 600 people from across the globe. The technical discussions and the panel was a clear indication of the growing community. We showcased a number of features contributed by various companies that continue to advance the mission of Presto open source, reiterating our commitment to grow the Presto community and support the continued improvement of the core technology.

    Why companies are choosing Presto today

    While the data infrastructure stacks of member companies and customers are built on many different open source technologies, Presto stands out as the interactive analytics engine of choice.

    Companies are choosing Presto for three main reasons:

    • It’s open source, which lends itself to being a platform for innovation for many developers,
    • It’s incredibly fast and feature rich, and its extensibility allows us to provide a uniform user interface for a variety of analytics use cases.
    • It was built, matured, and is constantly improved at Facebook scale, one of the biggest in the industry. Some of the recent major innovations include Project Aria for scan optimization, Project RaptorX for IO performance optimization and multiple coordinator support.

    Presto’s versatility gives users the ability to make smart, effective, and timely business decisions based on data, and run critical business operations at global scale.

    Why companies are participating in the Presto Foundation

    Linux Foundation has provided an open and neutral governance model to successfully run the Presto project in the open., Under these guiding principles, the Presto community works in a constructive and collaborative manner in the Presto Foundation based on the principles of openness, neutrality, and transparency.

    As members of the Linux Foundation’s Presto Foundation, we believe that a community-driven open source approach is critical to the diversity of ideas and continued openness of a critical project like Presto.

    What’s next for the Presto open source community

    At PrestoCon Day, we shared a number of features on the roadmap that are driving Presto towards 10x improvements in Scale, Performance and Reliability. All these sessions will shortly be available on our Presto YouTube channel.

    If you’re looking to join an open source project that is community-driven, focused on reliability, and are strongly committed to continuing the cutting edge innovating at scale in the data analytics space, we invite you to join the Presto community!

    Let’s make Presto better together!


    • Girish Baliga, Chair, Presto Foundation, Presto Foundation Member: Uber
    • Tim Meehan, Chair, Presto Foundation, Technical Steering Committee, Presto Foundation Member: Facebook
    • Dipti Borkar, Chair, Presto Foundation, Outreach, Presto Foundation Member: Ahana
    • Amit Chopra, Board member, Presto Foundation Member: Facebook
    • Zhenxiao Luo , Board member, Presto Foundation Member: Twitter
    • Arijit Bandyopadhyay, Board member, Presto Foundation Member: Intel
    • Steven Mih, Board member, Presto Foundation Member: Ahana
    • Bin Fan, Outreach team member, Presto Foundation Member: Alluxio