Presto Foundation Announces PrestoCon December 5-6

    New Track on Prestissimo, sessions from Uber, Meta, Bytedance, IBM and more

    SAN FRANCISCO, November 30, 2023 – The Presto Foundation’s annual community PrestoCon conference, being held December 5-6 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif., will highlight how Presto powers some of the biggest data lakehouses in the world. New this year is a full track dedicated to Prestissimo, the new native C++ worker for Presto, including some benchmarking from Bytedance. Speakers from Uber, Meta, Bytedance, Intel, IBM, Onehouse and many more will be coming together to share how they use Presto and some of the latest innovations that are being worked on.

    Presto Foundation, hosted at the Linux Foundation, is the non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the open source Presto SQL engine for data analytics and the open lakehouse.

    PrestoCon 2023 features free hands-on workshops on December 5, ranging from learning the basics of Presto to building open data lakehouses and experimenting with Prestissimo — or Presto on Velox, which results in even faster, more efficient queries. Both IBM and Onehouse will conduct workshops for beginner and intermediate software developers and engineers who are building data platforms using Presto.

    Speaking sessions on December 6 include:

    • The evolution of Presto at Meta by Naveen Cherukuri, Sr. Engineering Manager at Meta
    • A journey of evaluating Prestissimo against PrestoDB on TPC-DS by Bytedance
    • Leaning into Open Source for the Open Data Lakehouse by Vikram Murali, VP Hybrid Data Management at IBM
    • Learning query optimization in PrestoDB, a session delivered collaboratively by Intel, UPenn and Technical University of Munich

    “We look forward to celebrating our community at PrestoCon 2023 December 5-6, our annual in-person community conference that will highlight everything happening in the open source project,” said Ali LeClerc, chairperson of the Presto Foundation Outreach Committee. “And as always, there will be plenty of time for networking and socializing, celebrating the 11th birthday of Presto and the 4th year under the governance of the Linux Foundation.”   

    Sponsors of the event include Bhuma, Denodo, IBM and Uber. Registration for PrestoCon 2023 is available at

    About the Presto Foundation

    A member of the Linux Foundation, the Presto Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to advancing the open source Presto SQL engine for data analytics and the open lakehouse. Presto was initially developed at Facebook (now Meta) and is known for its performance and scalability. The Presto Foundation operates under an open governance model that promotes transparency, collaboration and community-driven decision-making. Hundreds of companies use Presto, including Adobe, Bolt, Bytedance, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Intel, Meta, Tencent, Twilio and Uber.


    For more information:

    Ali LeClerc, Presto Foundation, 

    Colleen Martell, Martell Communications,, 408-832-0147