Presto Community

Technical Steering Committee Mailing List

The purpose of this is to enable the Technical Steering Committee to communicate openly and transparently with its members and with participants in the Presto Foundation. Membership and all discussions on this mailing list are public.
To manage your subscriptions to Presto Foundation mailing lists, please visit and start participating in discussions.

User Group

Our main forum for community interaction is the presto-users group. Use this group for general questions and discussion around Presto. Join the group or send a message now.


If you find an issue with Presto, please report it.


You can also contribute fixes and new features as pull requests. You will need to sign a Contributor License Agreement ("CLA") before it can be accepted into the repository.


Visit the Presto page on Facebook or search for the #prestodb hashtag where we post tutorials, videos and news.


@PrestoDB is the offical Presto twitter account.


The Presto developer community is coordinating activities via Slack.