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User Group

Our main forum for community interaction is the PrestoDB Slack Channel. Use this channel for general questions and discussion around Presto. Easy to become a member, sign up to PrestoDB Slack here.

Meetup Groups

There are Presto meetups across the world. Join a meetup near you!

  • Presto Meetup - Bay Area
  • Presto Meetup - NYC
  • Presto Meetup - London
  • Presto Meetup - Sydney
  • Issues

    If you find an issue with Presto, please report it.


    You can also contribute fixes and new features as pull requests. You will need to sign a Contributor License Agreement ("CLA") before it can be accepted into the repository.

    Are you a Presto user?

    We want to hear from you!

    Technical Steering Committee Mailing List

    The Presto Foundation structure includes the Technical Steering Committee (TSC), which oversees the technical direction of the Presto Project. The TSC mailing list enables members to communicate openly and transparently with other members and with all participants in the Presto Foundation. Membership and all discussions on this mailing list are public.

    To join the TSC mailing list, please visit and start participating in discussions.
    The Presto Foundation has other mailing lists for the Governing Board, Outreach committee and other sub-committes. To manage your subscriptions to Presto Foundation mailing lists, please visit