Presto on AWS at Twilio – Lesson Learned and Optimization

    Earlier this month we hosted PrestoCon, a fantastic in-person event that showcased the innovation around the Presto project. In this blog we’ll detail Twilio’s presentation on their Presto use case, including their architecture, key optimizations, and lessons learned. You can also check out their full presentation here. In their session, Twilio engineers Aakash Pradeep and…

    Our Presto Credo for the Truly Open Source SQL Query Engine

    We believe that data analytics should be democratized—and is why we innovate Presto with state-of-the-art database technology. Trusted governance is important to us—and is why we model our project governance and by laws after the Linux Foundation. TO OUR FELLOW DATA ENGINEERS, SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS, AND DATA PLATFORM ENTHUSIASTS: As the use of data analytics and…

    Is PrestoDB the most popular Open Source Data Analytics project?

    The Presto Foundation is thrilled to announce that today Presto has been awarded “2022 Editors Choice for Top 3 Data and AI Open Source Projects to Watch” from BigDATAwire. Past winners are a true who’s who in the data world including Apache Spark (2020), Apache Kafka (2018), MongoDB (2019), Apache Cassandra, ElasticSearch and Redis (2021)….

    Presto Parquet Column Encryption

    Introduction Apache Parquet modular encryption provides encryption at-rest and in-transit at finer-grained. In big data world, data analytic tables are usually very wide with hundreds of columns, while only a small number of columns need to be protected. So the finer-grained access control is a better fit than coarse-grained one like table level access control….

    Faster Presto Queries with Parquet Page Index

    Introduction Today’s data is growing very fast, which creates challenges for query engines like Presto. Presto is a popular interactive query engine, because of its scalability, high performance, and smooth integration with Hadoop. As the volume of data grows, Presto needs to read larger chunks of data and load them into memory, which causes higher…

    Disaggregated Coordinator

    Overview Presto’s architecture originally only supported a single coordinator and a pool of workers. This has worked well for many years but created some challenges. To overcome these challenges, we came up with a new design with a disaggregated coordinator that allows the coordinator to be horizontally scaled out across a single pool of workers….

    Avoid Data Silos in Presto in Meta: the journey from Raptor to RaptorX

    Raptor is a Presto connector (presto-raptor) that is used to power some critical interactive query workloads in Meta (previously Facebook). Though referred to in the ICDE 2019 paper Presto: SQL on Everything, it remains somewhat mysterious to many Presto users because there is no available documentation for this feature. This article will shed some light…