Command Line Interface

The Presto CLI is a terminal-based interactive shell for running queries, and is a self-executing JAR file that acts like a normal UNIX executable.

Install the Presto CLI

Download presto-cli-0.288-executable.jar.

Rename the JAR file to presto with the following command:

mv  presto-cli-0.286-executable.jar presto

Use chmod +x to make the renamed file executable:

chmod +x presto

Run the Presto CLI

Start the Presto CLI using the name you gave it using the mv command:


The Presto CLI starts and displays the prompt presto>.

To exit the Presto CLI, enter quit.

Run the CLI with the --help option to see the available options.

./presto --help

To configure the Presto CLI, or for use and examples, see Command Line Interface.