Presto 0.244 Documentation

12.8. Event Listener

12.8. Event Listener

Presto supports custom event listeners that are invoked for the following events:

This functionality enables development of custom logging, debugging and performance analysis plugins. In a Presto cluster, only a single event listener plugin can be active at a time .


EventListenerFactory is responsible for creating an EventListener instance. It also defines an EventListener name which is used by the administrator in a Presto configuration. Implementations of EventListener implement methods for the event types they are interested in handling.

The implementation of EventListener and EventListenerFactory must be wrapped as a plugin and installed on the Presto cluster.


After a plugin that implements EventListener and EventListenerFactory has been installed on the coordinator, it is configured using an etc/ file. All of the properties other than are specific to the EventListener implementation.

The property is used by Presto to find a registered EventListenerFactory based on the name returned by EventListenerFactory.getName(). The remaining properties are passed as a map to EventListenerFactory.create().

Example configuration file: