Migrating From Hive#

Presto uses ANSI SQL syntax and semantics, whereas Hive uses a SQL-like language called HiveQL which is loosely modeled after MySQL (which itself has many differences from ANSI SQL).

Use subscript for accessing a dynamic index of an array instead of a udf#

The subscript operator in SQL supports full expressions, unlike Hive (which only supports constants). Therefore you can write queries like:

SELECT my_array[CARDINALITY(my_array)] as last_element
FROM ...

Avoid out of bounds access of arrays#

Accessing out of bounds elements of an array will result in an exception. You can avoid this with an if as follows:

SELECT IF(CARDINALITY(my_array) >= 3, my_array[3], NULL)
FROM ...

Use ANSI SQL syntax for arrays#

Arrays are indexed starting from 1, not from 0:

SELECT my_array[1] AS first_element
FROM ...

Construct arrays with ANSI syntax:

SELECT ARRAY[1, 2, 3] AS my_array

Use ANSI SQL syntax for identifiers and strings#

Strings are delimited with single quotes and identifiers are quoted with double quotes, not backquotes:

SELECT name AS "User Name"
FROM "7day_active"
WHERE name = 'foo'

Quote identifiers that start with numbers#

Identifiers that start with numbers are not legal in ANSI SQL and must be quoted using double quotes:

FROM "7day_active"

Use the standard string concatenation operator#

Use the ANSI SQL string concatenation operator:

SELECT a || b || c
FROM ...

Use standard types for CAST targets#

The following standard types are supported for CAST targets:

  CAST(x AS varchar)
, CAST(x AS bigint)
, CAST(x AS double)
, CAST(x AS boolean)
FROM ...

In particular, use VARCHAR instead of STRING.

Use CAST when dividing integers#

Presto follows the standard behavior of performing integer division when dividing two integers. For example, dividing 7 by 2 will result in 3, not 3.5. To perform floating point division on two integers, cast one of them to a double:


Use WITH for complex expressions or queries#

When you want to re-use a complex output expression as a filter, use either an inline subquery or factor it out using the WITH clause:

  SELECT substr(name, 1, 3) x
  FROM ...
WHERE x = 'foo'

Use UNNEST to expand arrays and maps#

Presto supports UNNEST for expanding arrays and maps. Use UNNEST instead of LATERAL VIEW explode().

Hive query:

SELECT student, score
FROM tests
LATERAL VIEW explode(scores) t AS score;

Presto query:

SELECT student, score
FROM tests
CROSS JOIN UNNEST(scores) AS t (score);