Presto can be configured to enable authorization support for HTTP endpoints to allow system administrators to control access to different HTTP endpoints in Presto.

Role Based Access Control#

Every HTTP endpoint in Presto is secured by a set of roles and can only be accessed by identities that belong to one of those roles. There are three roles defined in Presto:

  • user: Users who should have access to external endpoints like those needed to launch queries, check status, get output data and provides data for UI.

  • internal: Internal components of Presto (like coordinator and worker) which will have access to endpoints like launching tasks on workers and fetching exchange data from another worker.

  • admin: System administrators who will have access to internal service endpoints like those to get node status.

Enabling Authorization#

The following steps need to be taken in order to enable authorization:

Enable Authentication#

Presto authorization requires authentication to get the accessor’s principal, so make sure you have authentication enabled.

  • If TLS/SSL is configured properly, we can just use the certificate to identify the accessor.

  • It is also possible to specify other authentication types such as KERBEROS, PASSWORD and JWT. Additional configuration may be needed.

    node.internal-address=<authentication type>

Configure Authorizer#

To enable authorization, the interface com.facebook.airlift.http.server.Authorizer must be implemented and bound. It performs the actual authorization check based on the principal of incoming request and the allowed roles of endpoint being requested.

You can either use the preset ConfigurationBasedAuthorizer or implement your own.

Configuration-based Authorizer#

This plugin allows you to turn on authorization support by specifying a mapping from roles to a regex for matching identities. Use the following steps to start using Configuration-based authorizer:

  1. Create a role to identity regex mapping and store it in a file.

  2. Specify the path to the mapping file in file:

    configuration-based-authorizer.role-regex-map.file-path=<path to mapping file>
  3. Install the Guice module com.facebook.airlift.http.server.ConfigurationBasedAuthorizerModule.

Configure Authorization Settings#

Authorization settings is configured in the file. The authorization on the worker and coordinator nodes are configured using the same set of properties.

The following is an example of the properties that need to be added to the file:





Enable authorization for the Presto. Should be set to true. Default value is false.


The default authorization policy applies to endpoints without allowed roles specified. Can be set to ALLOW, DENY and DEFAULT_ROLES.


The roles allowed to access the endpoints without explicitly specified when default-policy is set to DEFAULT_ROLES.


Skip authorization check for unsecured requests. Default value is false.


http-server.authorization.allow-unsecured-requests is provided as a way to transition from HTTP to HTTPS with authorization and is a security hole since it allows unauthenticated requests to skip authorization checks. Only enable during the transition period and disable this setting once you have completed migrated to using HTTPS.